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Clean, quality and convenient workforce lodging in Big Lake, TX, is something every corporation can appreciate. With our Big Lake camp rentals and corporate housing, Iron Guard Housing is proud to provide fully-furnished housing options close to worksites. We offer a comprehensive line of mobile home parks for rent with a number of amenities and services to ensure your workforce has everything they need to succeed on the job.

For complete details, be sure to check out our amenities, services and more below! Because when it comes to secure and comfortable temporary housing, Iron Guard Housing is the workforce housing provider you can rely on.

A Man Camp by Iron Guard Housing

At Iron Guard Housing, we take pride in providing comfortable corporate housing for your workforce in three locations throughout Texas. With close proximity to various worksites, Iron Guard Housing continues to offer convenient indoor lodging and man camps tailored to your workforce’s needs. Our fully-furnished short-term housing can provide your corporation with 2 bedroom/2 bath and 3 bedroom/3 bath options, which includes amenity and service options to keep everyone happy. Each oilfield housing unit is equipped with heating and air conditioning, TVs, washers, dryers, full-sized refrigerators and more.

So, if you’re searching for competitive indoor lodging with excellent amenities and services, then call Iron Guard Housing for our availability options today!

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Big Lake Mobile Home Park Amenities

If anyone knows the meaning of hard work, it’s your workforce. That’s why your team deserves to take advantage of their downtime with services and amenities that work just as hard for them. Iron Guard Housing’s workforce housing in Big Lake, TX, provides a wide variety of services to help your team focus on doing the job right. Read on for more information on our amenities, complimentary utilities and service details below!

Man Camp Housing Amenities in Pecos, TX

Pecos Lodging Individual Unit Amenities

Get in touch with one of our professionals to see which of our short-term housing options is right for your team today!

Short & Long-Term Big Lake Texas Housing Agreements

If you’re searching for workforce temporary housing or mobile home parks for rent to accommodate your team, then we’re here to help. With our fully-furnished options, multi-room units and complimentary amenities, your team can relax, take advantage of their downtime and show up for work feeling ready to get the job done.

The professionals at Iron Guard Housing know what your workforce needs when it comes to indoor lodging. With the help of our weekly housekeeping, linen services and fully-furnished man camps, your team will feel better prepared for a day on the job.

We guarantee you’ll enjoy our leasing agreements, and they’ll enjoy our corporate housing. Contact us today for additional details on our seasonal leases, corporate housing agreements and short-term housing amenity information to get started.

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