3 Temporary Housing Bedroom Organization Tips

Staying organized is hard enough without throwing the challenges of corporate housing into it. With much less living space available and the ever-present knowledge that you’re only staying there temporarily, it’s easy to wonder if it’s even worth the effort of trying to stay organized. The answer is a resounding yes!

Having a clean and organized living space has been shown to help improve your mental health and decrease your overall stress levels. After a long day out in the field, you need a calm, relaxing environment to return to so you can properly recharge and rest up for the next workday. This is particularly important when it comes to your bedroom, where you do most of your resting. 

Here are 3 bedroom organization tips to help you move past the general Do’s and Don’ts of living in corporate housing and start making some real changes in your workforce lodging and man camp facilities!

1. Think Vertically to Create More Space

When it comes to man camp housing, you can’t afford to waste any space. Once you’ve exhausted the horizontal space available to you, it’s time to start thinking upwards. You can create a lot of extra storage space for yourself by sorting your belongings into clear plastic bins that are clearly labeled and stacked in your closet or in an empty corner. Are you surrounded by empty walls? Great! Purchase some command hooks and start using all of that space by hanging coats, hats, and other small personal items up instead of piling them on your floor. These hooks are the perfect temporary storage solution because they can easily be removed when you’re ready to leave without causing damage to the walls or doors of your corporate housing

2. Make Sure Everything Has a Home

One of the easiest ways to keep things clean and stay organized is to make sure all of your belongings have a specific place where they are supposed to live. Don’t throw things in a pile and tell yourself you’ll get to it later or that you know exactly where everything is. Piles have a tendency to rapidly grow out of control and with the smaller living spaces provided in workforce lodgings, you can’t afford to give up any of your space to nameless piles of stuff. 

Make sure all of your items have a specific place they go while they’re not in use and make an effort to help them get there. If shoes are stored underneath your bed, then don’t kick them off at the door–put them away underneath your bed as soon as you take them off. If dirty clothes go in the hamper when you’re done with them, don’t ever leave them on your bed or in the closet. When everything goes to its home as soon as you’re done with it, then it never has the chance to pile up.

One of the most important things to remember with this tip is that it also means you shouldn’t bring anything into your bedroom that doesn’t live there. This will help you keep bedroom items in the bedroom and avoid creating mess and clutter by bringing in items that don’t belong. 

3. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Use or Need

One of the most efficient and effective corporate housing organizational tips we can offer you is to live with a minimalist mindset. Only bring the essentials with you and don’t hold onto things you don’t use or need. The less stuff you have to keep track of, the easier it will be to keep everything organized and clean during your stay. 

Though a man camp is only temporary housing, that doesn’t mean it can’t feel like home. By making an effort to organize your space, keep it clean, and add small personal touches, you can make even the smallest living quarters a little slice of home away from home. 

If you’re in need of man camp housing, be sure to check out Iron Guard Lodging for stellar temporary housing options near you!