Bicycles are a great way to get around and can promote great exercise and health. However, bicycles can sometimes be cumbersome to move and this can especially be an issue if you have less space such as when renting mobile homes. However, there are some storage ideas you can use. 

1. Using Simple Pegs

When you don’t have a garage you can opt for simple wooden pegs on your walls that are easy and aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Vertical Bike Storage

There are plenty of bike stands available that will allow you to store your bicycle vertically inside your man camps. Not only are they easy and don’t require messing with any walls, but they’re also portable. 

3. A Weatherproof Bike Tent

Of course, storing a bicycle outside will also give you ample space, but if you’re worried about bad weather you can purchase a weatherproof bike tent that will protect it from the elements. 

4. A Bike Storage Shed

There are plenty of bike storage sheds available in stores like Home Depot and while maybe not as portable as a bike stand, moving one to your oilfield housing shouldn’t be too difficult. 

5. Leaning Stands

While some stands require you to mount it to the wall, there are also leaning stands available that don’t require this. Just set it against the wall and you can store your bike. Some even allow you to store two bikes on a single stand. 

6. A Bike Bag

There are also bike bags that allow you to store your bike fully intact and can be a great option if you find yourself needing to move around a lot. 

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Some options for storing your bicycle include using a bike bag, leaning stands, pegs, storage sheds, waterproof tents, and a vertical bike stand. Luckily, Iron Guard is also bicycle-friendly and is a great choice for oilfield housing and man camps.