When choosing man camps or mobile homes for your business or organization, one important factor to consider is they have the right housing tech essentials and accessories. Whether you’re looking for temporary housing for a weekend corporate trip or are in need of something more extensive, having man camps outfitted with the proper housing tech can go a long way. As such, here are three housing tech essentials and accessories that are must-haves! 

1. Entertainment for Leisure and Downtime

Working can be stressful especially in labor-intensive industries such as construction or gas and oil. As such, it’s crucial for mobile homes and oilfield housing to be outfitted with essentials such as a flat-screen TV. Additional add-ons can include DVD players and satellite TV as well as WiFi access.

2. Heating and Air Conditioning 

Regardless of the weather outside, having man camps outfitted with amenities such as heating and air conditioning will allow employees to temporarily escape weather conditions. Whether hammering boards during the middle of summer or distributing gas during winter, having a place where they can escape the heat or cold can boost morale and work productivity. 

3. On-Site Laundry

In addition to having weekly housekeeping, employees will also appreciate having on-site laundry, either through staff or having in-unit washers and dryers.

Iron Guard Provides Corporate Housing Tech Essentials & Accessories

When choosing corporate housing it’s crucial to pick a company whose facilities are outfitted with amenities such as options for entertainment, heating and air conditioning, and on-site laundry. Iron Guard provides all these services and more, including private bathrooms, household-stocked cupboards, and free utilities. Contact them to learn more about their rates!