Starting a career at an oilfield is an exciting — and nerve-racking — time for most. If you’re about to head out to your oilfield housing, Iron Guard Housing’s camp solutions have a quick and handy guide to what essentials to bring to the job site.

Mementos From Home

We’re not saying to bring your childhood blanket or favorite teddy bear (though you certainly can if you want), but you’ll probably want some mementos from home while living at your housing in Texas.

Letters, photos, trinkets, and other memories of home are always a good thing to keep nearby. Not only to remember your favorite people but also to keep you motivated and working hard when the days and nights get long.

Things to Stay Entertained

Since many man camp buildings are near job sites and isolated from cities and towns, staying entertained will be one of your top priorities when you’re not working.

Be sure to bring multiple cell phone chargers, since replacing one can often take days. Headphones and music are always a great idea, and if you have trouble sleeping, a white noise machine can be a good option.

Other things to stay busy, such as books, iPads, laptops and drawing paper are all things that can easily be brought into your oilfield housing. While you will be busy most of the time, you don’t want to get restless and stir crazy in your time off and these items will surely help. To avoid having any laptops, iPads or other personal possessions stolen, then be sure to prioritize your entertainment essentials or purchase a small lock box to keep these items locked and hidden. 

Really Good Boots and Shoes

Since the work is hard and the terrain is tough, having a really good pair of workboots is tantamount to the job. To find the best pair, try and find someone who has already lived in a man camp building and ask what they liked the best.

No matter the cost, your feet will thank you over and over if you get a great pair of boots. Also bring shoes to your oilfield housing, both casual shoes and dress shoes. You never know what the occasion might bring!

Extra Clothing and Blankets

Although Iron Guard’s camp solutions come fully furnished, be sure to bring an extra blanket or two for those nights you want to spend under the stars.

Also, bring a few extra sets of clothing, as the tough Texas terrain can be notoriously hard on clothes. Be sure to pack for the seasons, and bring clothing for both hot and cold weather. In Texas oil country, weather can change almost immediately, so you’ll want to be prepared for whatever it brings.


Last, when moving into our housing in Texas, you’ll want to bring all the toiletries you’ll need from home. Plan like you’re going on a long vacation, and pack accordingly.

Be sure to bring a toothbrush (or two), plenty of toothpaste, a razor, body wash and shampoo, a face cloth, deodorant, a razor, and anything else you may use as part of your morning or nightly routine. Sometimes stores are hours away, so it’s better to bring something rather than trying to find a way to go get it.

At Iron Guard Housing, we do our very best to make man camp buildings feel like home. Whether it’s our fully-furnished units or our free utilities, we make your workers feel their best so they can work their best. Our goal is to provide not just a place to sleep but a place that feels like home.

If you’re interested in better camp solutions, call Iron Guard Housing at 432-315-3155 or email