Keeping Your Temporary Housing Entryway Clean

If you’ve lived in workforce lodging before, you know that sometimes it’s hard to keep anything clean after a long day or night of hard work.

Rather than just give in to the chaos, Iron Guard Housing has put together a few ideas for keeping the entryway of your indoor lodging neat and tidy, no matter how dirty the job may be.

Use Shoe Bins   

It seems like shoes and work boots just always seem to accumulate in the entryway of your man camp, right? And while it’s good to take them off rather than track muck and mud around the house, the entryway will just start to collect and pile up boots and shoes if you don’t have a plan.

Using bins for shoes and boots is a simple, cost-effective way to keep the entryway clear and clean. You can go as utilitarian as simple 5-gallon buckets or can buy something with a little more chic appeal, but no matter what they look like, shoe bins will do wonders for entryway organization inside your short-term house rental.

Have A Catch-All Basket

A second idea to keep things tidy is to have a “catch-all,” basket or bin handy.

Just like shoes, other items like bags, purses, sunglasses, and all sorts of other items can easily accumulate near the entryway if there’s not a set place for those things to go. Having a catch-all bin is a great idea to be able to put all these random items in. The basket might be a bit chaotic inside, but at least that clutter stays out of your temporary house rental entryway.

Be Consistent     

Another way to be sure your workforce lodging entryway stays clean is to just be consistent in picking up and wiping and sweeping it down.

If it gets too cluttered and dirty, it might seem like an overwhelming job to have to pick things up and clean your entryway when you’ve already spent so much time out on the job. Rather than fighting this battle, give it a good cleaning one time to get things in order, then just stay consistent.

Ask your man camp housemates to help keep things tidy, and be consistent in putting things away and where they go rather than dumping them in the entryway and figuring you can put it away later. It’s easier to stay on top of the job than to have to go do everything at once.

If you’re in need of temporary housing near a job site, Iron Guard Housing has your solution, with affordable workforce housing packed with amenities and luxuries. Call Iron Guard Housing at 432-315-3155 or email to get more information.