From individual hotel rooms to short-term house rentals and man camps, there is a large variety of workforce housing available to you and your team. Which type you choose will depend on several different factors, but if you want to make sure you are providing your team with the best accommodations at a reasonable price, then there’s one thing you’ll want to pay close attention to: the amenities.
Here’s a quick overview of what basic amenities you can expect to be included with your short-term corporate housing selection.

Multiple Unit Size Options

Most providers of workforce housing will have at least two different floor plans available. These options range from a small studio that sleeps one to a three-bedroom unit that can fit up to six people comfortably. At Iron Guard Housing, for example, we offer a choice between two and three-bedroom units so you only pay for the space you need. Be sure to research all available floor plans before making a final housing decision.

Basic Furnishings

You can expect all of your short-term corporate housing options to include basic furnishings such as beds, tables, and chairs. Depending on the size of the unit, a living area may also include couches. Some housing providers will offer additional furnishings like linens, kitchen utensils, dishes, and free wifi. Iron Guard Housing provides all of those amenities and also equips each unit with a washer and dryer. You won’t have to worry about carrying everything across the camp to a mobile laundry unit every time you need to wash a load of laundry.

Kitchen or Food Services

Your workforce housing will include specific amenities for meal preparation. There are several different types of food-focused amenities. Many units include small kitchenettes or full-size kitchens so your team can prepare their own meals. Others provide options for catering or a mass dining hall where workers can eat without having to worry about preparing it themselves. Be sure to consider this when choosing what type of housing will work best for your team. Though meal services save time and energy, they also tend to raise the cost per housing unit. 

Restroom Facilities

Every man camp should include on-site restrooms and bathing facilities. There are two types of facilities that you will see: individual private bathrooms with showers inside each living unit, or a mobile shower and restroom trailer centrally located in the camp. Make sure you understand the layout of the camp and take into account how many people are in your workforce when deciding on which type of restroom facilities is best for your team.


A great perk commonly offered for workforce housing is general housekeeping. Your team will likely be working long hours and may not have time to regularly clean up their living spaces. To help ensure you have a clean space to come home to and to help maintain the quality of each housing unit, many providers offer housekeeping services as part of the housing package. Make sure you understand how often the housekeepers will be passing by and what specific services housekeeping includes.

How to Decide What’s Best for Your Workforce

The best way to decide what type of housing and which short-term corporate housing provider is best for your workforce is to do your research. In addition to looking at what types of amenities are offered, you will also want to consider the location of the man camp, the length of time you will need to stay there, the different leasing options available, and most importantly, your budget. 

If you’re looking for great housing in Texas, look no further than Iron Guard Housing. We’re dedicated to giving your team a comfortable, safe place to stay where they can relax and recharge after a long day of work. We make it our mission to not just provide housing, but a place that can be your home away from home. 

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