While living in oilfield housing has many perks and advantages, one thing it does require is advance planning. Since workforce lodging is often near job sites and far from other places like grocery stores and gyms, it’s advantageous to plan things like meals before arriving at your oilfield housing unit. Below, Iron Guard Housing has a few tips regarding meal planning while living in workforce lodging.

Make a Game Plan

The biggest thing to consider when meal planning while living in oilfield mobile homes is to simply plan ahead.

Rather than just showing up and figuring meals out as you go, putting a bit of time into planning will help you eat healthier and feel better.

Plan at least one meal per day for as long as you’ll be on the job site. Prioritize meals that can help you reach your fitness goals, whether they be to lean up, lose weight, or stay in the shape you’re already in. And, try to keep to a budget so your meal planning doesn’t break the bank.

First, Choose Your Proteins

Before starting any meal plan for your camp solution, be sure to find out what amenities your oilfield housing will have. If you’re living in Iron Guard Housing, you should have a full-size refrigerator which should give you plenty of room for a week or two of meals.

Proteins are going to be one of the biggest parts of your meal, so choose them wisely. While you do have the option for protein bars or powder, if you’re planning meals it might be more filling to choose to bring a single serving of chicken, beef, or pork per meal per day. Try to mix it up so you don’t end up getting sick of any one option, and choose a big enough portion to keep you satisfied without overeating.

Second, Focus on Long-Sustaining Energy

As you’re choosing items to pack for your meals, consider things like whole grains that will give you sustained energy. You already know the job hours can be long and grueling, so pack foods that will help keep you going through the long shifts.

Things like bananas, peanut butter, granola bars, and whole-grain bread will help give you consistent energy throughout your long days and nights on the job.

Third, Don’t Forget to Snack

Aside from packing protein and things to give you energy, remember to bring plenty to snack on. If you don’t pack your own snacks, it can get easy to eat unhealthy food by eating whatever is near, or to start spending unnecessary money. So, find things you like and bring them in quantities to last you a week or two.

Fruits and vegetables are great to keep on hand in bunches. Carrots and celery make for easy and portable snacks, and you may enjoy bringing a bit of peanut butter or salad dressing on the side. Pears, apples, bananas, berries, and other fruits are great, healthy, and filling snacks that can help you through your long hours.

Just be sure to only purchase quantities you can actually eat. Packing your own meals only saves money if you actually eat the meals and don’t let them go to waste. Get fruits that need an extra day or two to ripen to take to the job site, and be sure to eat what you take and only take what you’ll eat.

Iron Guard Housing Has What You Need

If you’re going to be living in oilfield mobile homes, be sure you choose Iron Guard Housing. With lots of amenities like full bathrooms, linen service, internet access, and in-unit full-sized washers and dryers. Iron Guard Housing will make your workforce lodging feel like home, and getting started is as easy as calling us at 432-315-3155.