Observing Yearly Transitions in Workforce Housing

For many of us, embracing change gives us the promise of a fresh start. Changing workforce lodging, starting a new work schedule, moving, making a big life jump and leaping into a new year is just a few of the opportunities many of us take advantage of. These shifts give us a fresh perspective to look at situations differently, set goals and be realistic with ourselves as we work towards accomplishing great things. 

Living in temporary housing and working remotely gives construction and oilfield workers an opportunity to focus on their goals, hobbies, game plans and creative outlets that many may not have the time for at home.

So, with every new year and life change, you can use your free time and this guide to align your priorities and set a course for success on your new venture in your workforce lodging

H2: Reflect On Accomplishments

On the brink of a big change or the start of a new year, you have the opportunity to reflect on what you’ve achieved. It’s hard to see in the moment, but you may find that you achieved much more than you expected. 

Dr. Amy Cooper Hakim, Ph.D. at Psychology Today writes, “When we truly self-reflect, we force ourselves to peel away the layers of superficiality and consider our own true, raw strengths and areas of opportunity.” 

By doing so, we can accurately reflect on what we’ve completed, how our priorities have changed and what goals we need to set. It not only can stimulate a sense of pride, but also help us align our goals moving forward while staying in workforce housing.

To get started, Hakim recommends: 

  • Designating 10 minutes for self-reflection
  • Utilizing a quiet space to think clearly without distractions 
  • Writing down (using paper and a pencil or a digital device) your strengths and areas of improvement
  • Using your list to create goals for the next year or time period after your major life event

If you’re in your man camp lodge in Pecos and have access to a list of goals from the year prior, a letter to yourself or a checklist used to achieve goals working up to a major life event, then this is the time to break it out and touch base. Use this list to reflect, take account and plan your goals moving forward.

It’s also important to recognize that you may have accomplished different courses of action than those written down — and that’s okay! In the moment, those areas became stepping stones for bigger achievements compared to other goals that may have required more effort. 

H2: Plan Ahead

Self-reflection is a critical part of planning ahead. Before you list out your goals for this big change, you may want to consider reading over what you had planned to accomplish. Doing so can remind you of important tasks that you may have forgotten over the year or while you were investing effort in something entirely different. 

What has remained unfinished can set a healthy cadence and become the building blocks of what you want to achieve next. 

As you work on your list in workforce housing, focus on the following areas to inspire goals: 

  • Health
  • Family/relationships
  • Finances/investments
  • Retirement
  • Fitness
  • Home improvement
  • Creative/Business projects
  • Travel 

How would you rank these in order of priority? Some questions to help get you started may include:

  • How can I spend more time with my family? 
  • What can I accomplish in corporate housing while I’m away? 
  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Do I have enough in savings? 
  • Am I exercising regularly?
  • What projects need to be completed around the house? 
  • Am I ready for a relationship? 
  • Should I start therapy?
  • What attributes would I like to work on? 
  • Am I set up to make this big change? 

Almost all of these questions can be followed by “What do I need to do to get there?” By using this series of questions, you can outline what you want to achieve and set up a plan of action to get it done. 

H2: Set Realistic Expectations

When you’re not busy searching ‘man camp near me’ and have a minute to sit down and knock out your goals, you may find it to be difficult to be realistic in what you can achieve. While nothing is impossible, it’s important to be honest with yourself about what you can accomplish in the amount of time you’re giving yourself. 

Thinking of completing your goals in baby steps is a healthy and realistic mindset you can adopt when knocking these out. Rather than looking at the goal as a whole, try breaking it down into smaller parts to help you create a successful series of steps you can take. 

Remember, your accomplishments may have been different — but necessary — than those left unfinished, and the same will be true the next time you visit this exercise! 

Setting goals, tracking progress and setting realistic expectations can help you keep the bigger picture in check as you stay in Iron Guard Housing’s Pecos location. On-site work allows you to reflect, plan ahead and track goals during non-working hours, allowing you the perfect opportunity to outline exciting prospects for the future. 

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