Getting into corporate housing at Iron Guard Housing will give you access to comfortable living spaces at a reasonable cost, but they come with compact bathrooms. This isn’t an issue with a few key optimizations designed to make the space as open and functional as possible. Utilize the simple techniques outlined below to maximize your indoor lodging so you can make the most of your bathroom.

Add Landscape Art

One trick you can use to make the bathroom in your Pecos lodging seem larger immediately is hanging landscape art up on the walls of the room. This art helps to open up the room and to almost make it look like you have extra windows in the bathroom. On top of opening up space in a nice way, you will also enhance the style of your bathroom with the right art.

Invest in Vertical Storage Shelves

Avoid low-lying storage whenever possible, and instead, opt for solutions that maximize the space that wouldn’t be used otherwise. A tall shelving unit that goes over the toilet is a perfect example of this. Few people use much of the space above their toilets, and going very tall with your shelf will give you the maximum amount of space. 

Use Hooks as Towel Racks

Towel racks stick out and get walked into in a small bathroom. To maximize your bathroom space in your temporary housing, consider using hooks instead of actual racks. They stay close to the wall, offer a secure place to keep your towels, and can be put up in moments. 

Add Storage to the Door

One basic trick you can use for more storage room is to install compact shelving on the back of your bathroom door. Hang a shelf on the back of your bathroom door in your lodging in Pecos, Texas to create storage space where there was none. It’s a minor change with a major impact. 

By following these simple tips you can open up the bathroom in your Iron Guard Housing unit and create a space that’s more comfortable and enjoyable overall. The changes are worthwhile investments that’ll make you feel more at home in your man-camp corporate housing.