When looking for short-term housing, a temporary home should feel anything but temporary.  After a long day in the oilfields, we want workforce housing to feel like more than just a row of man camp trailers, but rather a place where we can put up our feet and relax. By addressing basic needs like comfort, cleanliness, and convenience, companies like Iron Guard Housing can make short-term corporate housing truly feel like home.  

The Need for Comfort

When looking for short-term housing, you’ll want to find a place where you can feel comfortable. Bring a small item that reminds you of home like a family photo or special keepsake. Find units that are fully furnished so that all you have to do is unpack your suitcase.  Units with a full-sized refrigerator, washer and dryer, and private bathroom will make you feel as if you are back home. When each unit comes with their own heating and air conditioning, you can adjust the temperature to your exact comfort level.  Iron Guard Housing provides all of these amenities and more in their workforce housing unit–including a flat screen TV and internet for additional comfort. 

The Need for Cleanliness

It’s hard to feel at home in short-term housing when it’s hard to keep your place clean.  Take a few minutes every day to check your “hot spots.” These are flat surfaces where items tend to collect.  Clearing your hot spots frequently will visually make your place look much cleaner and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.  Additionally, take the time to find a place for your belongings. Even in a small space, if everything has a “home,” it’s easier to tidy up and put everything away. You’ll also want to find housing that provides linen and housekeeping services, making it easy to relax. The full housekeeping that Iron Guard Housing provides will give you the peace of mind that comes knowing all your dirty jobs are taken care of by professionals.  

The Need for Convenience

Life in oilfield man camps can feel anything but convenient, but with a few extras, you’ll find the convenience you so desperately crave.  Look for ways to reduce the need for meal planning, shopping, preparing recipes, cooking, and the dreaded clean up. Prepacked meal prep kits are available at most grocery stores and make dinners easy. You’ll also want to check out the location of the man camp trailers.  Some might be less expensive but will incur the hidden costs of a longer commute to the oilfields or lack the convenience of being close to entertainment.  

Another way to make short-term housing convenient is to look for all-inclusive billing. Iron Guard Housing includes all utilities for both short and long-term leasing with monthly and weekly payment options. Leasing invoices are all handled electronically and can be made via phone or by mail to our corporate office. We also provide the option to sign up for ACH and auto-pay, allowing your company the convenience and flexibility to pay on your terms without the luxury hotel prices. 

When it comes to finding the best short-term corporate housing, make sure you find something that will fit your needs for comfort, cleanliness and convenience.  Whether in Odessa or Pecos, Iron Guard Housing is your solution for an oilfield man camp.  Call 325-221-3003 to find out which leasing option is best for you.