While each of Iron Guard Housing’s workforce lodgings comes fully equipped with both heating and air conditioning, there are still a few things you can do to stay cool and comfortable during the hot weather while living in corporate housing.

Stay Hydrated With Ice Cold Water

The biggest thing you can do to stay cool in workforce lodging is to drink water and plenty of it. Both on the job and at home in your lodging, ice-cold water will taste and feel amazing during those hot months.

Better yet, get a double-insulated water bottle from somewhere like Amazon and keep your water icy and cold all day long.

Wear Cooling Items

Another great idea is to actually wear something to keep you cool. While many people know the old trick to wear a hat and drench it in cold water to keep your head cool, there are a few other tricks you may not know about.

One idea is to soak a towel in cold water and wear it around your head or neck to stay cool throughout the day, both in your corporate housing and out on the job. There are even towels available for purchase engineered to stay wet and cold all day long.

Another idea is to use ice clothing, which is actually a thing! You can purchase ice clothing, which is basically ice packs wrapped in cloth that you can wear around your head or neck, designed to melt slowly so you stay cool longer.

Linen Sheets and Clothing

If you tend to run a bit hot, you know how at night time it seems nearly impossible to get to a comfortable temperature inside your temporary housing.

While Iron Guard will provide a comfy bed for you, linen sheets and clothing may help you find the right temperature, as linen tends to be breezy and airy rather than trapping heat inside like cotton.H2: Use A Heat Reflector In Your Car Windshield

Last, it is definitely worth it to invest in a heat-reflecting car windshield cover.

We’ve all felt that awful heatwave when getting into a car in the summertime, and using a heat-reflecting shield will help prevent that overheated sensation.

These types of shields will make driving to and from your lodging feel much more manageable, not to mention they can protect your interior vinyl and leather from damage from excessive heat.

Iron Guard Has the Temporary Housing For You

If you need temporary workforce lodging, Iron Guard Housing has what you need. Call us  at 432-315-3155 and see how free utilities, full-sized in-unit appliances, internet, flat-screen TVs, and so much more can help you feel like you’re home while you’re away from home.