When searching for oilfield housing, it’s important to know the difference between mobile workforce housing and man camps.

Iron Guard Housing has oilfield man camp housing rather than mobile workforce housing, and below we’ll explain a few of the differences and what sets us apart from other housing solutions.

Mobile Workforce Housing 

Generally, mobile workforce housing is mobile. This means in situations like natural disasters or on certain construction sites, mobile housing can be brought in quickly and used for the workers. It’s quick and convenient, but can also be less-than-luxurious and feel cheap.

While mobile workforce housing works well for specific jobs, Iron Guard Housing’s man camp trailers are a more comfortable and enjoyable option for your crew after a hard day’s work. 

Nothing feels better after a long workday than coming to a nice home, and Iron Guard has 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom man camp trailers as well as 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom units.

Man Camps

Iron Guard Housing has camp solutions for oilfield housing. Our Pecos lodge man camps, rather than being temporary, are permanent oilfield housing solutions.

This allows our Pecos, Texas, corporate housing to feel less like actual camping and more like home. Rather than being fleeting shelters, our man camp trailers make it feel like workers have a home rather than simply a place to sleep.

Because we are in a fixed and permanent location, we can offer amenities like on-site parking, linen and housekeeping service, and so much more.

Iron Guard’s Pecos, Texas, corporate housing also has in-unit washers and dryers, TVs and DVD players, and private bathrooms. All linens and kitchenware are provided, and utilities are free.

Iron Guard Housing’s Man Camp Difference 

Iron Guard Housing has strategically chosen the locations of our Pecos, Texas corporate housing to be near construction and oilfield work sites. This allows your workers to have a fixed and comfortable home without having to make a long commute to and from a job site.

Our locations for camp solutions make it affordable to house work crews because we are central to job sites and high construction areas.

If your team is in need of oilfield housing or construction housing, call 432-315-3155 now or email chad@rossmgt.com to see how Iron Guard Housing can be your Pecos lodging and man camp solution.