Contrary to the name, a man camp isn’t just for men, nor is it really a camp. In fact, up to 20% of man camp lodgers are women.

Man camps are temporary housing solutions for workers in places like oil fields, where the work may be seasonal and the workers need more accommodations than there are in hotel rooms or house rentals.

What is a Man Camp For? 

Even though “Man Camp,” was one of the New York Times’ words of the year for 2012, it’s probably better described simply as workforce housing.

For example, Texas has vast oil fields in rural areas, and many times there simply aren’t enough hotel rooms for the workforce. Temporary housing companies provide living spaces, or “man camps,” for those workers.

Who Lives In a Man Camp?

As noted, both men and women live in man camps. There is housing for temporary workforces, no matter how long or short they will need to stay. Most temporary housing companies have different options for the number of people in the unit, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and different sizes of living units.

Basically, anywhere there’s a workforce that needs housing, a man camp can provide that housing for them.

What Is a Man Camp Like? 

Pecos Lodge man camp is similar to a neighborhood, with many living units of different sizes and with differing numbers of residents. The idea of a man camp is to make the temporary housing solution feel like home while the workers are in their location.

Our Pecos, TX, corporate housing is top-of-the-line, with different options for bedrooms and bathrooms. We also provide housekeeping and linens, as well as tableware, furniture, TVs, and everything else to make a man camp feel like home rather than a hotel room.

Iron Guard Housing provides corporate housing in Pecos, TX, and we do it for the long term or the short term. We have seasonal leases as well as yearly, so any company’s workforce can feel like they have a place to call home while on the job.

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