Iron Guard Housing has designed our man camp trailers and camp solutions with workers in mind. This means better amenities, more options, and more of the comforts of home for workers utilizing our Pecos, Texas housing options.

Iron Guard’s construction camps are built to feel like home, and we offer multiple options that put our workforce housing in Pecos, Texas, above the other guys.

More Amenities 

The biggest thing Iron Guard Housing offers is the biggest thing workers want: Amenities.

Among our dozens of amenities and options offered at our Pecos, Texas, workforce housing, we offer many to make workers’ lives easier and to help them feel more at home after a hard day’s work.

Just a few of our construction camp amenities include housekeeping, on-site parking, fully furnished units that include TVs, DVD players, kitchenware, linens, and more. We also provide private bathrooms in each housing unit.

We also offer free utilities and linen and laundry services.

All these options make for happy workers, and happy workers are the hardest workers.

Flexible Leasing Options

Another offering from Iron Guard Housing in Pecos, Texas, is the flexible lease options we have available.

We understand that jobs can be quick or take years. Workers can be on the site for days or for months or even longer. That’s why we provide flexible leasing options, with multiple lengths and types of leases, at our man camp trailer sites.

Permanent Locations Near Job Sites 

One of our best camp solutions is our permanent locations near job sites for our construction camps.

Tired workers aren’t going to want to spend even more of their free time commuting to or from a job site, so Iron Guard Housing in Pecos, Texas, has permanent construction camps near the job site for easy access.

In-Unit Washers and Dryers

Last, Iron Guard Housing provides in-unit washers and dryers for each man camp trailer we have. After a long, hard day, workers don’t want to have to go to a laundromat or community washing center to get ready for the next day. Iron Guard provides full-size, in-unit washing machines and dryers to make it feel a little more like home. 

Come see why Iron Guard Housing is the right Pecos workforce housing solution for your man camp needs. Drop by today or email to get started with our camp solutions.