When it comes to temporary housing solutions and man camp housing, there are a few things to consider. 

Making sure you keep your hard-working crew happy will pay dividends many times over, and Iron Guard Housing’s Pecos Lodging will meet — and exceed — your crew’s expectations and every need.  

Quick Commute Time

One of the most convenient things for an oilfield man camp is having a quick commute time. After a hard day’s work, nobody wants to have to take a long drive just to get back to their bed. 

Iron Guard Housing has man camps in Pecos, TX, near oilfields, making your crew’s commute time next to nothing. Your workers deserve to make the most of their time off, and a quick commute time is sure to keep everyone happy.

Our oilfield man camp location means workers will spend less time commuting and more time working or resting.

Amenities and Services

Another thing to consider when it comes to temporary housing solutions is the services and amenities offered. Again, after a long day working, laundry is not high up on anyone’s to-do list. 

That’s why Iron Guard Housing offers weekly housekeeping and linen service as well as in-unit washers and dryers for each of our man camps in Pecos, TX.

Iron Guard’s pricing includes all utilities, and we also have private bathrooms, internet access and WiFi, flat-screen TVs with DVD players and Dish Network, private bathrooms, and heating and air conditioning, all inside our fully-furnished man camp housing. Linens are provided as well as household items like plates and silverware. 

Our length of stay leases are flexible, as we know jobs can be big or small and last years or weeks. No matter how big the project or how short your stay, Iron Guard Housing has the oilfield man camps you need.

Number of Rooms

Last, when considering an oilfield man camp, it’s important to consider the number of rooms available for your temporary housing solutions. You don’t want to have to have your team split up all over town, which just creates a headache for everyone.

Our man camp in Pecos, Texas, has over 261 beds available and offers weekly housekeeping as well as grounds supervision. We offer both 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom units, as well as 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom units, with ample parking and designated parking areas.Iron Guard Housing can help your workforce feel at home. Our Pecos lodging can accommodate your team, so call us at 432-315-3155 or email chad@rossmgt.com to see how we can start getting your crew into oilfield man camps today.