Most people know that working on an on-site oilfield and living in an oilfield man camp can be lucrative, but there are lots of other things about the lifestyle that aren’t as well known.

Iron Guard oilfield housing has some insights on what to expect — pros and cons — with an on-site oilfield career.

Hard Work and Long Days

The biggest thing to know going into an on-site oilfield career is, simply put, that it’s hard work. No matter the position you’re working, there are going to be long days and long nights.

Many fields operate 24/7 so there’s a good chance you’ll be working some nights also, as well as weekends. If you’re planning on making this a career, know that you’ll have to work as hard (or harder) than ever before. But of course, to make it worth your time, there are some great benefits.

Great Pay

The main reason people come to work on-site on an oilfield is the money. It’s not uncommon for oilfield workers to reach six-figure annual salaries, and the chance to work overtime is often available.

Rather than living far away from the job site and wasting money and time on a long commute, Iron Guard Housing provides mobile workforce housing near major job sites, making it affordable and convenient for you to live near work.

Camaraderie with Fellow Workers

Because you spend so much time with the men and women you work with, you’ll build a team spirit and camaraderie like never before.

Something about the hard work and the isolation forges friendships and relationships that last a lifetime. Having to depend on each other so much builds a true team spirit, and that can give you a great sense of fulfillment with your work.

Also, living in workforce lodging will mean you’re in close quarters with your coworkers, leaving you the chance to get to know people like never before. Plus, working in an oilfield means you’re providing energy to an energy-dependent world, so you will feel like you’re contributing to a greater good.

Time Away From Family and Friends

Most on-site oilfield jobs are far from just about everything. Working in a remote area brings people together in camaraderie, but it also means you’ll be spending lots of time in mostly isolated areas, away from family and friends.

Most Iron Guard oilfield man camps are close to the job site, so even though it may be far out into the wilderness, you’ll still be able to live close to work. And despite spending lots of time away from family and friends, the great pay and generous time off make the job worthwhile.

Lots Of Time Off

One great thing about an on-site oilfield career is the amount of time off it gives you.

Yes, the work is hard and the days can be long. But many jobs offer time on and time off policies, so you work two weeks straight and get two weeks off. So despite the hard work and grueling hours, you get just as much time to go home and play as you spend working.

Iron Guard Housing Provides Workforce Lodging

Iron Guard Housing provides oilfield housing in three different locations throughout the oil country in Texas. We offer fully furnished housing with both 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom options as well as 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom options. At Iron Guard, we know if your workers live better they work better, and that’s why we strive to provide the best mobile workforce housing.

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